When will the exact location of Luftgekühlt 4 be made public?

It's a tradition to keep the address of our venues under wraps. For planning purposes, the LA Harbor area has lots of great hotels, and the event location is within 20 minutes of major airports LAX and Long Beach. We will share the exact location approximately 30 days before the event date. Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

I’d like to have my car featured at the event. How do I do this?

Registration for this year will be different. After an overwhelming turnout last year, we will divide up our entry points and times, and offer pre-registration in order to streamline the process and decrease lines.

What if I don't drive an air-cooled Porsche?

Regardless of what you drive, we have a large amount of general parking this year.  Rest assured you can arrive, park, and walk directly to the gate. 


Tickets will be for sale on our website in April. 

For general business or employment inquiries, please contact us at info@luftgekühlt.com.