Bob Haro

Known around the globe as the originator of Freestyle BMX, Bob Haro grew up influenced by the skateboard and BMX race scene in southern California.  As a kid he started doing tricks on a BMX bike and wound up spearheading something radically new, and influencing generations with his riding style, artwork, and designs. 

BMX Pays Poster

Second in the Luft Artist Network series, Freestyle BMX legend Bob Haro's BMX Pays artwork.


Also a stunt rider in the now infamous BMX chase scene in Steven Spielberg’s production of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, today Bob is known as the legendary athlete, designer, artist, and businessman who introduced a new sport to audiences worldwide as he started the first trick team, built the first freestyle bike, and started the first freestyle bike company, Haro Bikes, which continues as a mainstay in the bicycle industry to this day.