Luftgekühlt and the Porsche 935/84 at Rennsport VI

With Rennsport Reunion VI upon us, the opportunity presents itself to share some the interesting story to a car that Luft’s co-founder will be racing: the 1983 Porsche 935/84.

As Martin Raffauf explained so well in his history of the car,

“While the [Porsche} factory had basically stopped building complete cars in mid-1979, several tuners continued with trying to improve the design. Kremer built two K4 models, only one of which was ever raced. John Paul had FABCAR build JLP4, a complete from the ground up design that looked somewhat like a 935, but was a radical attempt to try and get some more downforce and aerodynamics. It had some success in the 1982 season, but then was quickly eclipsed by Lola T600s and March 82/83G cars. Bob Akin also made two attempts at improving the breed. First, he commissioned Chuck Gaa at GAACO to build 935-L1. This was a Lee Dykstra design that seemed to be a cross between a Lola T600 chassis with Porsche 935 running gear. While quick in a straight line, handling proved elusive and it was shelved some time in 1983. While this car was racing in early 1983 Bob also had commissioned Dave Klym (FABCAR) in Atlanta to build 935/84. This was a full tube frame car with light weight bodywork using all Porsche 935 running gear. This car, along with the Andial 935-L Moby Dick replica, were probably the two best examples of what were the final iterations of Porsche 935 race cars.”

Featuring the 935’s trademark massive power but with the ultimate development of 935 aero, 935/84 has been driven extensively in historic racing events since retiring, including by Patrick at Rennsport Reunion V in 2015.

Photos © Andrew Ritter / Stanceworks 2015 and © Regis Lefebure 2015

Porsche love was in the air at Luftgekühlt Munich

With Californian nonchalance and a stunning selection of classic Porsches, Luftgekühlt celebrated its German premiere in Munich last Sunday…

It’s quite odd that it took a group of petrolheads, racing drivers, and creative minds from Los Angeles to travel to the home of Porsche to show the German scene how to celebrate the iconic sports cars from Zuffenhausen in an easy and contemporary way. With the help of their master of ceremonies Jeff Zwart, Patrick Long and Howie Idelson – the founders of the California Porsche fan-fest Luftgekühlt – conjured up a Porsche meeting in the Werksviertel Mitte in Munich like nobody in Germany has experienced before.


Goodwood - Is this Porsche Heaven?

"Once inside we're presented with an incredible turnout of Porsches, and what then followed was a wonderfully relaxed morning wandering around catching up with old friends, meeting new people, and seeing cars we'd read much of but never seen in the flesh until now – such as Harry Metcalfe’s 993 ‘GT2’ and Richard Meaden’s illusive 964 RS. It was a delight, with cars for every taste on site, including some truly stunning Singers, Paul Stephens' Le Mans Classic Clubsport and even some metal fresh from the hillclimb at FOS. Truth be told the event was so large we didn't manage to see it all, but fortunately our intrepid snapper Tom Shaxson did and his photos show the great array of Porsches on show. If this is America's idea of a Porsche show then we'd like more of it please!"

More from Goodwood Road & Racing here:

Classic Driver - If You Want the Rainbow, You Gotta Put Up With the Rain

With torrential rain pouring down on Bicester Heritage last Sunday, the inaugural UK Luftgekühlt event – Southern California’s much-hyped Porsche fan fest – turned into a wet beauty contest for Great Britain’s rarest Porsche sports cars... More from Classic Driver:




Petrolicious - A Little Rainwater Didn’t Stop The Air-Cooled Porsche Excellence At Luft GB

California is a long ways away from where I’m writing this in England, so imagine my, and no doubt others’, delight when it was announced that Luft was packing up and heading to these shores for a morning of naturally refrigerated fun at the once RAF-bomber-base-and-now-very-hip Bicester Heritage compound of buildings and airfields.


Luft GB as the event was named was all set to go, and with the weather our little island has been basking in for the last couple of months it was set to be a home away form home for our sun-kissed cousins putting it on for their friends across the Atlantic, right?

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Mobil1 Protecting History (EP:02) - Patrick Long

At Luft 5, we partnered with @mobil1 and as part of the global buildup to Rennsport Reunion, they are offering a chance to win a VIP trip to Monterey, artworks and other giveaways. Check out the film to see our perspective on #protectinghistory and we'll see you at Laguna Seca in September. 

Learn more and sign up at:

#SportscarTogether #Luftgekuhlt #Mobil1

Autoweek - Understanding the hyper-curated Porsche paradise that is Luftgekühlt

The world of Porsche fanaticism comes with its own lexicon, history, mythical heroes, celebrities—and, to some outsiders, a certain air of arrogance or pretension. Luftgekühlt, an annual show celebrating the aircooled history of the German sports car-maker, plays a bit with each of those themes. Not all Porsches are created equal, and this events rejects those with an air-to-water heat exchanger and coolant pumping through their engine blocks: Luftgekühlt (pronounced like looft-guh-kyoolt, or thereabouts) is German for “air cooled.”


This preferred method of engine cooling effectively limits this special show to only three Porsche production models built prior to 1998, as well as a handful of motorsport models of the same era. This isn’t a car show for Porsches—it’s a show for a particularly discriminating subset of Porsches.

Now in its fifth year, Luft (as it has come to be known) started in 2014 as an informal gathering. Porsche factory racer Patrick Long and creative mind Howie Idelson endeavored to convene a low-key, invite-only morning for their Porsche-loving friends—the Patrick DempseysMagnus Walkers and Jeff Zwarts of the world.

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Gear Patrol - This Massive Air-Cooled 911 Gathering Is Vintage Porsche Overload

"Luftgekühlt is so much more than a car show. It’s a community gathering, not just for those of us with a “mildly” unhealthy obsession with air-cooled Porsches, but for also for anyone remotely curious about the history of the brand. Though experts and Porsche legends are in attendance, casual observers and “noobs” are equally as welcome. The only prerequisite is a passion for Porsche.

Pulling some of the rarest Porsches out of poorly lit museums and climate controlled garages and sticking them outside in a lumberyard might seem an odd choice, but Luft, as it’s called, is a stroke of genius. As they have done each year since the first gathering in the Deus parking lot in Venice Beach, event organizers Patrick Long, Howie Idleson and Jeff Zwart outdid themselves."

- From Andrew Maness' article on Gear Patrol

DrivingLine - Top 5 From Luftgekühlt 5

"Just five years ago, two-time 24 Hours of Le Mans class-winning racing driver Patrick Long decided he wanted to throw a relaxed parking-lot gathering for fellow enthusiasts of air-cooled Porsches. He teamed up with SoCal friend and advertising creative Howie Idelson to design flyers and reserve show space at a high-profile Southern California custom moto shop. It seemed like a simple enough idea at the time, but we doubt they knew exactly how big the Pandora’s Box they were opening would prove to be."

From Luke Munnell's much appreciated story on Driving Line. 

Pirelli - Where Car Passion Meets Art

Patrick Long, racing driver and co-founder of Luftgekühlt, talks about the show and his passion for cars. 

“I was motivated by the Ferry Porsche quote,” he began. “I looked around and could not quite find the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself.”

Rewind a few years and Patrick discovered the need for a particular kind of Porsche show following the purchase of his own 1986 Porsche 911. “I started looking for events to attend and hang-out with fellow vintage enthusiasts to share my enthusiasm. But I found it challenging to become engaged with the existing events. I also struggled to get my wife or friends to accompany me as most shows were too auto-centric, often taking place in remote parking lots at 6am,” he recalled.




Autoblog - Patrick Long chooses his 10 favorite cars at Luft 5

"For the first air-cooled car, I have a wild card that I want to show you," says Patrick Long.

The factory Porsche driver walks off and weaves through the thick crowds waving smartphones at priceless cars. For every 10 steps we take in Ganahl Lumber's vast warehouse in Torrance, CA, there's someone who recognizes Long and greets him. In spite of all of his accomplishments on the track, he might become better known for co-creating Luftgekühlt with Howie Idelson, an automotive culture event celebrating classic Porsches. Without stopping, Long graciously acknowledges the guests and continues on to complete the arduous task at hand: selecting his 10 favorite vehicles amongst the 600 parked on-site.

Hagerty - An automotive music festival where Porsches sing

“Quick” Vic Elford, retired legendary Porsche works driver and F1 racer, stepped into a 1968 Porsche 908K racing car and cranked over its 3.0-liter flat-eight engine. With a rasping, ear-battering blast of sound, the air-cooled eight snapped and snarled to life. A huge cloud filled the air, choking bystanders before wafting up to the high rafters. Then he turned off the car and everybody cheered. Welcome to Luftgekühlt.

Petrolicious - Air-Cooled Overload And The Enduring Power Of Porsche

Pick any random Sunday in Southern California for a morning drive and you’re bound to cross paths with some Porsches, but if you went out specifically hunting for air-cooled cars yesterday your best bet was a lumber yard in Torrance rather than the PCH. Preempted by parties and drives and a smattering of satellite shows to choose from now, Luftgekühlt has cemented itself as an international staple of the classic Porsche calendar, and it’s not surprising to hear conversations weighing the option against the Rennsport Reunion that follows in the fall. The fifth edition of the air-cooled Porsche gathering ended less than 24 hours ago, and as it’s grown from nascency to immense popularity in the last half-decade, co-founders Patrick Long and Howie Idelson have pulled off the difficult feat of increasing the quantity without sacrificing the quality. In fact here the two concepts seem to feed off of one another rather than repel, for only in such large numbers can we grasp the scope of both the brand and its enthusiast following—a handful of cars it is not, but the show is still very much hand-picked.

Official Luftgekühlt Book Available at

The official Luftgekühlt book is here: 260 pages of air-cooled Porsches and personalities capturing the essence of the first three Luftgekühlt gatherings. The limited first-run edition is available with either a Slate Grey or Rubystone Red dust jacket, featuring a poster-sized fold-out of the Luftauto. Each copy comes with a screen-printed slip case, delivered in a custom shipping box. This first run edition is available in limited quantities at

Luftgekühlt X Malle London: The Motoring Collection

We’ve teamed up with Malle London to create the Luft Motoring Collection, a natty and durable group of quality British soft goods built for life by foot or on wheels, enabling you to transport and protect your travel essentials while arriving in style.

Each Luftgekühlt x Malle product is crafted with full-grain bridle leather, durable (military spec) oiled cotton canvas, organic cotton interiors with a signature air-cooled graphic print, and solid welded brass hardware—the collection is built to go the distance and come home again.

The Motoring Collection includes a Weekender Bag, Travel Blanket, Tool Roll, and Driver's Pouch, all available now on the LUFTSHOP.