Petrolicious - Air-Cooled Overload And The Enduring Power Of Porsche

Pick any random Sunday in Southern California for a morning drive and you’re bound to cross paths with some Porsches, but if you went out specifically hunting for air-cooled cars yesterday your best bet was a lumber yard in Torrance rather than the PCH. Preempted by parties and drives and a smattering of satellite shows to choose from now, Luftgekühlt has cemented itself as an international staple of the classic Porsche calendar, and it’s not surprising to hear conversations weighing the option against the Rennsport Reunion that follows in the fall. The fifth edition of the air-cooled Porsche gathering ended less than 24 hours ago, and as it’s grown from nascency to immense popularity in the last half-decade, co-founders Patrick Long and Howie Idelson have pulled off the difficult feat of increasing the quantity without sacrificing the quality. In fact here the two concepts seem to feed off of one another rather than repel, for only in such large numbers can we grasp the scope of both the brand and its enthusiast following—a handful of cars it is not, but the show is still very much hand-picked.