Autoweek - Understanding the hyper-curated Porsche paradise that is Luftgekühlt

The world of Porsche fanaticism comes with its own lexicon, history, mythical heroes, celebrities—and, to some outsiders, a certain air of arrogance or pretension. Luftgekühlt, an annual show celebrating the aircooled history of the German sports car-maker, plays a bit with each of those themes. Not all Porsches are created equal, and this events rejects those with an air-to-water heat exchanger and coolant pumping through their engine blocks: Luftgekühlt (pronounced like looft-guh-kyoolt, or thereabouts) is German for “air cooled.”


This preferred method of engine cooling effectively limits this special show to only three Porsche production models built prior to 1998, as well as a handful of motorsport models of the same era. This isn’t a car show for Porsches—it’s a show for a particularly discriminating subset of Porsches.

Now in its fifth year, Luft (as it has come to be known) started in 2014 as an informal gathering. Porsche factory racer Patrick Long and creative mind Howie Idelson endeavored to convene a low-key, invite-only morning for their Porsche-loving friends—the Patrick DempseysMagnus Walkers and Jeff Zwarts of the world.

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