Gear Patrol - This Massive Air-Cooled 911 Gathering Is Vintage Porsche Overload

"Luftgekühlt is so much more than a car show. It’s a community gathering, not just for those of us with a “mildly” unhealthy obsession with air-cooled Porsches, but for also for anyone remotely curious about the history of the brand. Though experts and Porsche legends are in attendance, casual observers and “noobs” are equally as welcome. The only prerequisite is a passion for Porsche.

Pulling some of the rarest Porsches out of poorly lit museums and climate controlled garages and sticking them outside in a lumberyard might seem an odd choice, but Luft, as it’s called, is a stroke of genius. As they have done each year since the first gathering in the Deus parking lot in Venice Beach, event organizers Patrick Long, Howie Idleson and Jeff Zwart outdid themselves."

- From Andrew Maness' article on Gear Patrol