Luft3 in the Books


This past Sunday, April 10th, Howie Idelson and Patrick Long threw their third Luftgekühlt party, this time on the remarkable grounds of Modern furniture manufacturers Modernica in Vernon, CA. We were joined by hundreds of car owners and thousands of passionate friends, many of whom flew in or traveled from points far and wide to celebrate all things air-cooled and participate in the unique culture that surrounds Porsche. Across the board, the entire day exceeded our wildest dreams, and in the end we were able to break bread with so many people, not to mention see, hear, and smell an estimated 450 cars within the venue. The variety of people and Porsches represented was breathtaking, including Jerry Seinfeld and his 904 Carrera GTS, an ultra-rare 356 Carrera GTL Abarth, Bruce Canepa’s 959 and homologation 934 from the Matsuda collection, Jeff Zwart's 1948 356 Gmünd Coupe, Jim Edwards’ Interscope RSR, Don Murray’s Lufthansa-liveried 914-6, Tim Pappas’ magenta 1975 911 Carrera built by Gunnar Racing, and Wayne Dempsey's 356 Speedster. Among the crowd and driving their own cars through the gates were folks as notable and diverse as Danny Sullivan, Bruce Meyer, Spike Feresten, John Morton, and Patrick Dempsey.

The undisputed highlight of the day was the successful auction by RM Sotheby’s of two lots of Modernica chairs, customized by Carby Tuckwell of Deus Ex Machina, and our #Luftauto rally 911 project. Incredibly, the car sold for $275,000, with all the proceeds going to Butch Walker’s Autumn Leaves Project, a pancreatic cancer charity. Many thanks are due to everyone involved in the conception and execution of the car: a full list can be found here:

Many thanks are also due to all of our collaborators and partners, whose creative efforts, labor, and inspiration powered our event. To Modernica, Deus Ex Machina, RM Sotheby’s, Leica, Period Correct, Pelican PartsThe Macallan, Clutch Venice, Firestone Walker, Tim Pappas, Butch Walker, the Autumn Leaves Project, and the efforts of all our friends who helped source cars and wrangle them on-site: A huge thank you!

Howie commented, “Sunday’s event was so far beyond our expectations that it became overwhelming, to the point I almost didn’t get to enjoy it, because of all the people who wanted to greet and talk to us. Patrick and I got a lot of credit for pulling the event together, but it took a small army of fully committed people to make this happen--this was a huge, many months-long, Herculean effort on many levels, with the ideas, energy, and work of dozens of people all funneling toward Sunday. To see the smiles on the faces of everyone in attendance was great validation for us, and we’re so grateful that it came off like it did. When RM Sotheby’s dropped the hammer on our auction car at $275,000, it became pretty surreal to me, and all I can think to say is a sincere thank you to everyone involved.”

Patrick said, “What a phenomenal weekend! The response we had was something we never could have imagined, but ultimately it’s what we worked for. The feedback from everyone has been all about the overall experience of the day, and it’s incredible to see the result of our idea to combine a fun weekend out in LA with a vintage car show.. We’ve had the good fortune to have insanely creative people and companies involved with us, and as we’ve said all along, it’s those creative collaborations that have defined much of Luftgekühlt to date. We’re going to continue down that path, letting the brand grow from the energy sparking off of the incredible people in our network.”

Conceptual planning for the next Luftgekühlt is already underway, but the crew is reserving the right to catch its collective breath and bask in the afterglow of a wildly successful event.

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